The term Sacraments refers to the sacred signs that mark stages of the Catholic faith journey.

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Sacrament of Confirmation

A deeper level of belonging

A story:

Robert was one of Esther Thompson's favourite young people.  After Esther's husband died, Robert did all her odd jobs, like mowing the lawns.  A real friendship developed between them.  But Esther faced an embarrassing dilemma when Robert invited her to attend his Confirmation.  All her life, Esther had a mistrust of the Catholic faith, especially its "magic" rituals.

After agonising over the invitation she finally pushed aside her distrust and attended.  She was totally unprepared for what happened.  She wrote later "The Confirmation service dissolved my years of ignorant distrust...The Catholic faith was beautiful.  Three years have passed and I'm now a Catholic.  I thank God every day that Robert invited me to attend the sacrament of Confirmation." (Path Through Catholicism. Mark Link Page 104)

Those baptised as an infant continue their initiation into the Church by receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. The liturgy (sacred ritual) of Confirmation involves:

  • Laying of hands by the Celebrant (often a Bishop) on the head.
  • Anointing with Chrism (perfumed oil) on the person's forehead and saying "Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit".

The same Holy Spirit whom Jesus communicated to his disciples on Pentecost is now communicated to us. The Holy Spirit's presence is the special sign or "seal" that we belong to Jesus and have been called and empowered to witness to Jesus and to continue his work.


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