The term Sacraments refers to the sacred signs that mark stages of the Catholic faith journey.

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Being Married

When a couple come to the Church to be married, hopefully they have some idea that God needs to be directly involved in every marriage. 

Marriage has been called the sacrament (sacred sign) of intimate friendship.  The couple wants to make their love public and are ready to take one another "for better or worse".

St Michael's is a popular church for weddings, so you need to make enquiries early. There can be disappointment if you book the reception before enquiring about the church. Make contact with the Parish Office and you will be sent an application form for a booking, and the guidelines for weddings at St Michael's. The guidelines are very precise, as we host a large number of weddings at St Michael's. The application is confirmed once you have met with the Parish Priest and he approves your application.

There is a requirement that all couples complete a pre-marriage education course, through the Diocesan Pre-Marriage Education Office (website). These courses are provided on a citywide basis and are planned months ahead. Remember to book your course early!

 A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
but always with the same person.
– Mignon McLaughlin

"Marriage is also a daily job. We could even say it's like craftsmanship. In a way it's like being a goldsmith, because a husband makes his wife more of a woman, and she in turn should make her husband a better man. Growing together in their humanity, as man and woman.     Love is something that comes about. It's a reality that grows. As an example, we could even say that it's like building a home. You build a home together, not alone!”

"You can't base a marriage on feelings that come and go. Bur rather on the rock of true love, the love that comes from God.”   A good marriage isn't just a marriage that lasts. It's also about quality.    "It's not just about having a marriage that lasts. The quality of the marriage is also important.”     You can't forget to pray.    "When we pray the 'Our Father' we say: Give us this day our daily Bread. When it comes to marriage, we can say: Give us this day, our daily love.”   Being in love means saying three phrases more often than not. They are:   May I?  thank you and I'm sorry.”     "May I? This is the polite way of joining  someone's life, with respect and attention. Do we know how to say thank you? As engaged couples and soon as a married couple, it's important to acknowledge that your spouse is a gift from God. When you receive a gift from God, you say Thank You.'   But the Pope also gave a warning: Nobody is perfect.      So the key to happiness is forgiveness.

When Dreams Die

Marriage Counselling is available through Catholic Social Services (website). 
Assistance is also available through the Marriage Tribunal (website)

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