A history of the parish

St Michael’s has been an icon of Auckland architecture since its official opening on 1 October 1933. The following words spoken during that ceremony are still appropriate today:

“This is a House of God we may justly praise; it is an ornament to the City of Auckland; it is a triumph of architectural skill that…would grace any city in any part of the world.”

Seventy-four years later, this magnificent heritage building is in need of significant restoration work. Essentially, the building needs to be strengthened to meet modern safety standards; and it needs a new roof.

A Seismic Report prepared in 2006 by noted engineering company Beca Carter Hollings and Ferner Ltd, made several recommendations relating to the strength of the building.  St Michael’s is safe in its present state, but remedial work must be undertaken to ensure the long-term structural integrity of the building.

Above all St Michael’s is a PEOPLE Place.  Just on 600 people attend Mass here on Sundays.  It is a popular place for weddings.  Why not?  It is a beautiful place in which to celebrate Marriage. During 2007 thirty two couples exchanged their vows at St Michael’s.  And then there are funerals.   Many families come back to St Michael’s to pray for the loved ones who have died.  Seventy five families brought their children for Baptism. Our Church is used by St Michael’s Catholic School for their regular school worship.

And then there are the people who slip in during the quiet times of the day.  Just to sit and ponder, even light a candle at the shrine of Mary.

St Michael’s has a distinctive tower, a sign of its unique Romanesque architecture.   The tower can be seen from many vantage points of the city.  You can see it at different parts as you walk around One Tree Hill.  You can see it from the Southern Motorway.  If you know where to look you can see it from the North Heads (Devonport)   And if you park in The Warehouse (Newmarket) car park you can see a distinctive view of the Tower.

 St Michael's church building 
Mother and Child
Mother and Child

Stained Glass - Matthew the Evangelist
Matthew the Evangelist